What to Expect of Sony PS4

21 Feb

For the past year everyone is has been waiting for signs of PS4, and finally a on 20th February 2013 Sony announced it.  During the conference we did not see a glimpse, of the console itself but surely that will happen sometime this year.

What we do know is that PS4 is a Beast of a machine, boasting 8GB ram of processing power, The graphic is amazing.  You can imagine what it can do when, unreal engine tested its processing ability, smooth graphics.

Sony has finally re-designed the dual shock pad, the overall shape looks the same, but larger holders and the analog sticks more tucked in.  The overall look does not appeal to me, rather the new function of touch panel installed.  The touch panel surely will bring a new way of gaming, however we will have to wait til it is released, before we can truly see its potential.

Sony PS4, has set to continue being more then a gaming console.  During the conference,  Sony have made it clear that they will include social networks.  Sony also has teamed up with Blizzard, so Diablo 3 fans should be happy as they have announced it for PS4.

PS4 is scheduled for release for this Christmas 2013.  For more information check out these websites.




Why Bethesda rules

4 Feb

dragon born

Recently for me Bethesda has been appearing in many games I’ve been playing.  Bethesda also known as Bethesda Softworks are the proud developer and publisher of many amazing first person shooter’s or combat games, The recent and popular title is Skyrim Dragonborn! Gamer’s from different platforms would know this amazing title, I personally spent 60 hrs on this game!

Bethesda Softworks rules because they create such addictive games, which contain compelling stories, has in-depth game play.  Many game titles these days rely on great graphic’s and just lacks substance,  I believe that having a strong story line and good game play controls should always be priority.  Bethesda Softworks has published titles that received great reviews, and continues to create a buzz with The Elder Scrolls Online,  Sign up for the Beta testing now and try it out yourself.

No no kuni sold out !

2 Feb

Ni no Kuni

Two weeks prior release, Ni No Kuni has sold out everywhere! Play.com, Thehut and Game are still currently out of stock.

I have never been in such a situation, where I can not get hold on a game after its official release date.

After reading some rave reviews by ign and game trailers. It’s no coincidence that this game is in a high demand and retailers did not foresee this.

Anyhow I have to get a copy of this RPG , which could potentially be the best of its breed.


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